Performance Crew

AGES 5-12

No experience necessary, as this is a place to grow and explore for all dancers. technique & choreography in multiple dance styles. We are reaching out to kids with a desire to learn and practice as well as a positive attitude!

We keep our fees for rehearsals and costumes reasonable so that children can gain performance experience.

Perform With Us!

Teen & Adult Advanced Tap


This fast pace tap class hits on intricate rhythms, fast footwork, and stylish trick steps. Be ready to sweat and go home feeling like you just did something great for your mind, body, & spirit.

Ballet, Tap, & Jazz Combo


Thi class is a great introduction to multiple genres of dance. It showcases ballet, which is the core to all dance styles, tap, which helps with rhythm and musicality, and jazz, where students find their own originality within the music.

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Intro to Tap


Tap dancing is a great way to improve coordination, stamina and a sense of rhythm. Our Intro to Tap class starts with the very basic of skills catered for each specific age group. Tappers will also learn how to use many parts of the tap to produce sound.


Tappin’ In Your Own Shoes


Ever wanted to learn tap dance but didn’t want to invest in the tap shoes just yet? Well now you can! Our “Tappin” class allows the inexperienced to learn the basics of tap dance in your everyday shoes.